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Vincotto Salentino Team

Antonio works with respect for his countryside and in tune with nature’s season


To introduce every family to Salentine Peninsula through tasting one of its traditional foods, Vincotto Salentino, updated to meet consumers’ tastes and needs.

We are located in Salento, Puglia, a land kissed by the sun and caressed by the Adriatic and Ionic Sea, which gives this Salentine peninsula a particularly temperate and ventilated microclimate.
Over the past years the company made enormous steps forward towards modernization, and expanding its facilities and production capacity in response to the demand of local and global markets. This demand is met with its innovative Vincotto PrimitivO range of products.


Main Team Members:

Antonio Venneri - “farmer” and owner. Primarily responsible for the wine yard cultivation and for the production phase.
John Parmigiani - “Londoner apprentice farmer”. Associate, he is responsible for the marketing and the sales in export and overseas markets.
Elena Venneri - “the new generation”. Responsible for multilingual communication and information including use and update of website, social media and blogging, supported by her University language skills. She also has a deep understanding and an intrinsic knowledge of the products.

Outside Consultants:

Alfredo Pagliaro -“the medical chef”. Associate and consultant, he is responsible for the wealth and the wellness aspects of food. He is a practicing doctor, a nutritionist, a cook, and an author of books and recipes “for your health” (Recipes for your DNA – how to treat yourself through diet).
Michele di Carlo - “gustosofo”. Associate and consultant in the drink market sector.