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  • Pangioia with Cuettu and Saragolla wheat

    The latest creation of the great confectioner Giovanni Venneri of “Il Cafè dei Napoli” -Alliste- is the Pangioia, a soft raised dessert made using extravirgin olive oil of the Adamo company and , a sweet grape syrup with an high content of natural antioxidants as attested by Di.ste.ba departement of the University of Salento. Pangioia, [...]

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  • Did you know that…

    -VincottO PrimitivO contains a much higher quantity of phenolic compounds than many Modena balsamic vinegars? -VincottO PrimitivO has antioxidant properties much more active than many Modena balsamic vinegars?   Scientific analysis conducted on Cuettu, VincottO PrimitivO and Modena Balsamic Vinegars of different brands, revealed that: comparing the same quantity of each product (250ml), Cuettu and [...]

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  • Good, Appealing and…HEALTHY!

    There are only few foods which we can say that taste good, look nice and that are healthy as well. The products of VincottO PrimitivO’s range are among them. Thanks to its traditional Salentine recipe, updated in order to meet consumers’ needs and tastes, the products maintained unaltered the peculiar properties of Primitivo IGP Salento [...]

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