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  • Pangioia with Cuettu and Saragolla wheat

    The latest creation of the great confectioner Giovanni Venneri of “Il Cafè dei Napoli” -Alliste- is the Pangioia, a soft raised dessert made using extravirgin olive oil of the Adamo company and

    , a sweet grape syrup with an high content of natural antioxidants as attested by Di.ste.ba departement of the University of Salento. Pangioia, enriched with coramelised orange skins  is unique in his goodness and form part of the series of Pansorriso and Panbellezza. Pangioia will be introduced during th Festival della dieta Med-Italiana organised by Repubblica Salentina and the students of the High School Galilei-Costa in Lecce, Piazza Sant’Oronzo tomorrow the 27th of April. Don’t miss it!!

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