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  • Small chocolate tart with warm chocolate and Vincotto Balsamic filling

    An easy and always successfull dessert that can be prapared in advance and cooked just before serving. The sweet-and-sour taste of Vincotto Balsamic* is perfect with the strong taste of the dark chocolate….with this recipe you will conquer even the finest palates!!


    Ingredients (for 4 portions):  

    100 gr of dark chocolate; 80 gr of butter; 80 gr of icing sugar; 20 gr of white flour; 2 eggs; 10 ml of Vincotto Balsamic; 1 pinch of salt


    Slowly bain-marie melt the chocolate with butter stirring until it becomes a thick, smooth and shiny cream; add icing sugar and mix them. Let it cool down. Whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt, add flour to the chocolate cream and slowly pour the Vincotto Balsamic. Cover the moulds with butter and flour, pour the mix and freeze them. Warm up the oven at 220°C and bake the still-frozen tarts for 15/20 minutes. The tarts will be cooked on the outside but the inside will be liquid and creamy. Serve warm with icing sugar on top or with Glassa of Vincotto Primitivo.

    *P.s. If you don’t like the sweet-and-sour flavor of Vincotto Balsamic or would like to prepare a little bit lighter version of the recipe use  80 ml. of ‘Cuettu’ instead and this will allow you to totally eliminate sugar!..Delicious!!

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